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Corporate Responsibility

Achieving our ambitions

Our goals are to provide sustainable finish products, help the development of our employees, assist the communities that surround our sites and minimize our footprint.

An integral part of how we do business

Sustainable development is a long-standing commitment. We are convinced that our growth and competitiveness are inextricably linked to the quality of services and products sites, where we operate and that there can be no sustainable economic development without considering the environment.

Our Corporate Sustainability Programme has five axes:

Responsible Corporate Citizenship

Being a responsible corporate citizen lies at the heart of our business: from our inherent duty to protect our workforce, and our dedication to building, transparent stakeholder relationships, to our interactions with the communities that surround us, and the way we design and deliver our products and services for the benefit of society and the environment.

  • We protect natural resources by proactively addressing pressing environmental issues such as air and water quality and improvements in energy efficiency.
  • We recognize that our employees play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of our sustainability goals: our Company Code of Ethics is instrumental in mobilizing our global workforce with their responsibilities in this regard.
  • Our R&D programmes are an intrinsically linked to our sustainability initiatives. To reduce our environmental impact and lower our carbon footprint, we are constantly working on producing less CO2 and waste, and implementing recycling and energy efficiency practices on all our sites.
  • Our industrial sites are spread throughout the countries where we operate, so as we source and implement our products locally where possible, we consider ourselves to be part of the communities where we operate. We pride ourselves on contributing to the economic development of local communities by creating employment, developing business with local partners and playing an active role in the community.

We Use - the most sustainable material

Extremely sophisticated product with strong properties such as high compressive strength, ductility, durability and stability. What is more, is by nature recyclable and is low energy consuming.

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